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All you need is:
Bottle Water
A Towel
Pair of Trainers

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The Classes

All the classes are for groups of people. Fitness and exercise is much more enjoyable when doing with other people. It’s a sociable activity, and as such, I hope to put regular exercise into the calendar as something we like to do instead of what we should do!

The exercise routines can be adapted and adjusted to suit the abilities of the group and to people’s specific needs

The aim of them is to help to improve fitness and general health through sensible, safe and exercise. Therefore all the classes are structured with a start, middle and end - or in fitness language - a warm up, main workout and cool down.

Types of classes are:

Exercise Fitness Classes in Monmouthshire:

Day Time Area Directions
Tuesday 11am - 12pm Portskewett,
Sudbrook Church Hall
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Wednesdays 4.30pm - 5.30pm Bulwark Community Centre Google Map >
Thursdays 10am - 11am Portskewett,
Itton Village hall
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Group Exercise to Music Class

This is lively and relaxing class. Simple choreographed routines which are low impact and with moves which some of you will recognise from their old Jane Fonda work outs!



The next step in group fitness.

Fitsteps is the creation of 2 members of the "Strictly come dancing" cast, Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite and celebrity dancer, Olympic champion swimmer Mark Foster. Inspired by the nation's love of things Strictly, Fitsteps was born. Together they created choreographed routines that could be done by aspiring fitness and dance enthusiasts. Some of the best known Latin and ballroom dances combined with exercise techniques, give great fitness workouts to music that is recognised to so many people.

Body Conditioning Class

The aim is to improve muscular strength and endurance. Includes standing and floor based exercises . Resistance bands may be used.

Aerobic Class

The aim is to improve cardiovascular fitness. It is predominantly high energy and high impact class.

The Stretch Class

The aim is to improve mobility and flexibility. Usually standing and mobility exercises with a range of motion exercises with static stretches and flowing moves to keep warm. Floor based mobility with a range of static stretches to enhance flexibility

The Music

Ah well.... Music is a personal thing and I like a lot of different music styles. My personal favourite is 1940’s big band music....... and setting memorable exercise routines too this vibe is a challenge! So instead I get a feel for the type of music that the groups seem to like and then take from there. There are a few favourites that seem to get people in the groove and when that happens then Exercise to Music really does start to lift the spirits and improve fitness – great fun!

Vintage Exercise

is aimed at the older age group. It is for people who want to improve their mobility, and have some health problems that may make exercising difficult. The class is designed to improve fitness without bringing additional health problems.


Aquarobics is exercises in the water. This exercise is designed to help maintain flexibility and mobility and the buoyancy in the water prevents any weight bearing problems to joints.

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