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I qualified as an holistic massage therapist December 2015, having studied holistic massage and bodywork at Bristol college of massage and bodywork. The level 4 diploma is an accredited qualification. I am registered and insured to practice as a qualified practitioner with Massage Training Institute.

So many of us enjoy a massage and there are several reasons for having massage therapy. Some people have a specific ache or pain, muscle tenderness or tightness, Others may have persistent backpain, or headaches. Some find it difficult to sleep. Or some, simply enjoy massage as a way to relax.

Massage treatment administered with knowledge, warmth, care and understanding can help to relieve some of the tensions and pain held in our body.

I am retired nurse. I now work as a qualified exercise instructor, both jobs past and present help to greater understand how the body reacts and responds to daily life.

As a Massage and Bodywork therapist, I work in partnership with clients. Therapy sessions are unique and tailored to the requests and the needs of each person.

The Massage and Bodywork therapy plan is discussed and agreed after an initial consultation. It helps the client express what they are hoping for from the massage therapy and it enables me to give the best massage possible based on the discussion.


The Initial consultation will be 90 minutes.

It’s an opportunity for us to have a chat about what you are hoping for and together agree the best massage treatment plan:
Cost £60

Subsequent massage treatments will be for 60 minute sessions:

Cost £40

Booking an appointment

or have any enquiries, then please feel free to get in touch.

Please contact me by phone: 07468 432 291


If you are considering starting to exercise or massage therapy, please do get in touch with me for more information.

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